"Daya is a hopeless romantic and she believes in love. That’s something that we share. She doesn’t hold grudges, she forgives very easily, and I think I do the same. When people see the character and then get to know me, they say ‘Oh, you’re so different’, but we are very similar in that way. Also, with her image, she has a little insecurity and a inner struggle that I’m working on currently."

Sarah Paulson on David Letterman

"The people I am fascinated with are those who are funny. Saying yes to life, to living, joy, playing, I am always interested in actors and artists. My family and friends are artists. Those are the people I gravitate toward."

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I think, you know, as an actor we get these terribly sort of pretentious ideas in our heads. We try to take everything very seriously at first, you know, until we lighten up, we get on board, and have a laugh.

New portrait of Emma Stone from ‘Birdman’ press, October 13

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 get to know me meme: seven actresses ♦ mindy kaling

↳ “Sometimes I get dressed in my fanciest gown and go to In n’ Out or Astro Burger and pretend like I’m coming from the Grammys or whatever.”

Léa Seydoux / Miu Miu S/S 2015 (x)